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After Sales Service for your Villa in Kusadasi

This is the best option of guaranteeing that your villa in Kusadasi is looked after for whilst you are not in Turkey.

You now own property in Turkey. What is next? Unlike Estate agents, we offer you a complete after sales service and villa property management turnkey service well after the purchase is finalized. We can be your 'eyes in Turkey', liaising with the developer/builder, providing you with reports and photographs, we can follow-up with complaints if need be and ensuring that the property is completed to the high standard that you expect.

Property Maintenance, is an overall part of property ownership, we all know that - but what if your property is far away?

As our name implies our turnkey Property management service, gives you peace of mind - a local number to call for guests visiting the property and we keep a regular check on the property. Many owners rely on the fact that they have a 'new' property but deterioration begins the day that construction ceases and things can, and do, go wrong.

Guests staying in the property have immediate access to assistance if required and can enjoy their stay in your villa and owners will begin to see the importance of local representation. When an owner is receiving income from their property here in Turkey, visitors need to know that their money has been well spent and that they will enjoy their holiday. It is encouraging for them to know that they can call a local number here in Turkey to get any problems sorted out immediately.

Our cleaners and maintenance team will ensure that your Kusadasi Property is always maintained and clean for your guests

During the course of the property inspections, which take place throughout the year, maintenance or repair situations may arise. We will notify you immediately and will be happy to provide you with quotes for any work that needs doing. Emergency work will be undertaken immediately, depending on the situation, and we will notify your insurance agent as required, and liase with them to carryout any repairs on your behalf.

Guest Services

Our company will meet your guests, welcome them to your property, and provide keys on arrival. From the moment of their arrival in Turkey, your guests are our responsibility. People are more likely to look after your property if they feel you have gone to a lot of trouble to make them feel comfortable and welcome.

Airport Service

It is often quite a nerve racking experience driving in another country, especially if you do not know the area, so we can arrange to pick up your guests from Izmir or Bodrum airports, and transfer them to your property, returning them to the airport at the end of their stay. (This service should be confirmed at least 4 weeks before departure). Alternatively, we can arrange local car hire at reasonable rates. Our number will be left with the guests in case of emergency and they will be able to contact us at any time, yes peace of Mind.

Welcome packs

We can arrange for special food/drink packs to be delivered to the Kusadasi Property prior to the arrival of your guests (which can be determined by either the owner or the guest and will be priced accordingly). We will also place tourist guides and information in the property for local attractions, bars and restaurants. Additional maid service can also be arranged during your visit if required.


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